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as of November 2021

Fly to Skiathos

Getting to Skopelos is not always easy – but it is worth it!

If you fly into Greece you will often find that flight schedules and ferry schedules do not necessarily synchronize well. Outside of the high season, you may need to make an overnight stay before being able to catch a ferry the following morning.

It is truly part of the adventure and part of the charm of Skopelos.  The journey becomes part of your holiday and is a wonderful opportunity to experience Greece in another location before arriving on Skopelos.

When planning a trip to Skopelos it is often best to start at the last leg and then work your way backwards.

The last leg on any trip to Skopelos is a ferry trip to either Glossa (Port Loutraki) or the port of Skopelos.

The taxi ride from Glossa (Port Loutraki) to Villa Panorama is about 15 minutes.
The taxi ride from the main port at Skopelos city to Villa Panorama is about 40 minutes.

Ferries to Skopelos can originate from Skiathos, Volos, Mantoudi, Thessaloniki, Agios Konstantinos and Kymi.

Ferry and air line schedules vary greatly throughout the year across low, mid and high tourist season.  Schedules change from one season to the next. Ferry schedules are often not publicized until a week or so before the change becomes effective making it difficult to plan very far in advance.

A good website for monitoring the ferry schedules is

During high season, many discount airlines (including EasyJet, Sky Express, Condor, Sky Express, Edelweis, RyanAir)  have flights that can be part of a travel itinerary together with a ferry to get to Skopelos.

Originally, I planned to maintain seasonal travel information on this page, but I came across two wonderful, locally owned and operated websites for Skopelos that do a far better job then I could ever do myself!      There is a wealth of information about Skopelos.  You can navigate to a dedicated “Travel” section from the home page.  Enjoy!

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