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Villa Panorama Surroundings

The turn-off to Villa Panorama is about 2.5 km from the main road leading out of Glossa in the direction of Skopelos city.

The last 400 meters from the main road down to Villa Panaroma are narrow and steep with only room for one car.  There are several points at which a car can pull off the road (driveways to other properties) to allow another car to pass.   

It is a good idea to make a mental note of these locations and be aware of the nearest option in the event you encounter another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

Generally speaking, the local etiquette is that the car driving up towards the main road should give way and, if necessary, reverse down to the nearest opportunity to pull into a driveway and allow the downwards travelling car to pass.

Reversing down a steep incline is much easier then reversing up a steep incline – especially with a manual transmission!

When renting a car, we would recommend requesting 4×4 / all-wheel drive.

Inside the property gate there is room to comfortably park two cars.

In 13 minutes, you can walk from Villa Panorama down to sea level.  The beautiful trail starts at end of the road, across from the church, and winds its way down with stunning views of the port of Loutraki along the way. 

At the bottom of the trail there are the fascinating ruins of an ancient Roman bath and a beautiful pebble beach – perfect for a morning or late evening swim.